Key to my home


My expertise is all things real estate. In this huge industry, I have built myself from the ground up. Working with title companies, mortgage lenders, and apartment leasing – I am a power house of knowledge. Experienced in all types of transactions, I know what needs to be done to get the key and to sell. Let’s be real, you want someone who can ensure a smooth transaction. I have never been more proud to shout, THAT’S ME!


Buying or Selling a home might be one of the most important--and scariest--decisions you will ever make. Saying farewell to a house filled with memories for a new way of living can cause many emotions. This can be both a sad and exciting time but I’m here to find your home! Your key. I love being there for these moments. Not only to guide you with tools and resources, but being a part of your new journey is a huge reason I love my career. You can count on me to help you understand everything before and after closing.


Real estate has been one of my biggest dreams. I appreciate all homes, from a new build to a fixer upper, observing and appreciating all types of architectures and styles. I find that one of the most important and rewarding parts of my job is getting to know the people who have turned their new house into a beautiful home. Being a helping hand for others to make these memories is something I am passionate about. To say the least, I take pride in this work. This is more than a career, this is a lifestyle. Let’s find the key to your home!

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