Checklist For Confidence

You’re looking to buy or sell a home and you’ve found the Realtor that you feel is going to work their hardest to get you exactly what you want... but for some reason, you still feel uneasy. Which leaves you asking the question: Did I make the right decision?

Here are some full proof steps to ensure you make the right decision:

1. Have you expressed to your Realtor your expectations from them and the house you’re selling and/or the home you’re searching for?

It’s so important to do this! Feeling comfortable enough to be expressive and not feel bad or embarrassed about it. That is one of my top goals.. You shouldn't have to worry about mentioning if you like/or don't a home just because we've looked at 30 other ones. The right one will come along and I am not here to judge.

2. Do you have trust in your Realtor?

What? Yes! Trust. Having trust in the Realtor you chose and keeping open communication is key. Trusting that I will guide you in the right direction, and knowing I will tell you if I see this happening otherwise. I am not here to tell you what to do - I am here to help.

3. Have you done your own research?

I’m not talking Realtor research, I’m talking searching the database for homes you love and your price range. I want you to be educated enough to make your own decisions. And not leaving you wondering after a purchase, “Did I make the right move?” Start by doing some small research of your own. I am also here to teach you real estate. By the time we get to the closing table, I hope that you feel confident in the whole process and that we covered all basis.

4. Finally, did you ask questions?

What? I can ask questions? Oh ya you can. As many as you want. If I don't know the answer.. then I will find the answer. Keeping communication open is key, which includes not hiding those questions you probably have!! Ask away. It will make you feel more empowered in this process and it will let me know you are fully aware of all the steps and homes.

This is a small checklist but I’m telling you now... one of the most important checklists you need to save. These will ensure you are at the signing table confident in yourself and your Realtor.

As always, feel free to reach out to me, Kristen Banner, for any real estate questions and needs! I’ll be happy to help.

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