First Home Product Switch

The first step to starting an eco-friendly lifestyle is getting rid of all of your paper towels and using cloth towels. HA – HA yeah right. That’s probably one of the harder switches and I will get there but first on my journey - the easiest switch for me - was starting to make my own cleaning products that I knew were safe and effective.

Deciding that you’re ready to transition your products inside of your house to non-toxic is a great first step and although easy can seem daunting. Where do I start and how expensive is it? Will I be saving money? “That’s what I need to be doing but if this whole process is going to end up making me spend more a month, I’m not sure I can get on board.” *Raise hand* those were at least my first thoughts. The initial buys will take up most of the expense, and then you will legitimately start seeing savings. $7 for an all-purpose cleaner, $12+ for an eco-friendly cleaner. It gets expensive, even to go clean with your local grocery store products. That’s why in my non-toxic lifestyle journey I started making my all-purpose cleaner at home. The time, savings, and all-around lifestyle change has been so great for my family and me.

DIY All-Purpose Spray

Step 1: Get a spray bottle, this glass spray bottle is my favorite

Step 2: At least 30 drops Lemon essential oil (Doterra is my favorite, Young Living is an option)

Step 3: Optional: add a protective blend too (Thieves or On Guard)

Step 4: 1TSP baking soda

Step 5: 1/4 cup white vinegar

Step 6: Fill the rest of the bottle up with cold water

Step 7: Close and shake well

THAT’S IT!! So easy, so clean, and you can feel motivated that you have started your non-toxic and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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