Styling Your Home For A Sale

You're putting your house up for sale. The hardest part is done. However some of my clients find that the second most difficult thing when selling their home is making it show ready.

I have the ability to make all spaces, wonderful & cozy spaces. Here are some of my go-to's & don’t do’s that I share with my clients when getting ready to show your home!


Focus on one color scheme: This helps everything look consistent and clean

Keep it simple: Take as much personal items (ex: photographs) off the walls as possible, this will allow new buyers to help visualize their taste and furniture in the home.

Add plants: Target, Walmart, Home Depot, etc. it doesn't matter where or the cost but adding greenery to any space will make it look, feel, and smell fresh and clean.

Paint: If you have dark paint on ALL walls, you will want to repaint and make the space light & bright. This could increase your selling price!


Make sure it smells good: You want to stimulate their senses. It’s as easy as us using candles or essential oils.

Play some music: The right music can make anyone feel good and that’s the goal for everyone walking in.


Clutter: Clean up any excess clutter. Make the space as open as possible.

Personal items: Personal pictures mean so much to us but not to potential home buyers. An easy way to make them imagine the space as their own is by boxing up personal photographs.

Bold colors: Keep it simple. If you are eccentric and have a love for fun and color, I suggest during showings to make it as simplistic as possible.


Excessive furniture: make the space feel larger by putting up furniture that isn’t needed. $1 first month storage units are the best for situations like this OR use the garage!

This is a short, easy list you can resource when staging your house to sell. As always, when choosing me as your Realtor, I will make this process seamless. There is nothing better when selling your house, knowing it’s show ready!

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