Your Guide To House Plants

When stepping into my home one day I decided that I was in need of some greenery. I wasn't much of a gardener but I wanted to start somewhere. After research and realizing how easy indoor plants are to maintain I decided to invest in my home and my health by adding in some plants. I started with one and now I have many. Through my plant journey I have come across people who either 1. Think it's too difficult to start or 2. Can't keep them alive. This short guide should help with both.

Home Key's Plant Guide:

- Picking the right plant: Here is a guide

- Potting Soil: Low as $3? Yes Please

- Transferring into a vase: It's not as hard as it seems.

1. Keep half of the soil you bought the plant in and get some gardening soil to mix with it.

2. Put the plant root into the vase

3. Fill the mix of soils into the new vase

4. Water

5. THAT'S IT! You have your plant!

- Finally make sure to water your plant every week to every 3 weeks depending on the type of plant you purchased. Again you can review BRIT + CO Indoor Plant guide for an idea of how much water and sun your plant will need.


- There is research that suggests talking to your plants helps them grow. Isn't that sweet? There have been experiments where 2 plants were being watered and given the same amount of sunlight except one was being talked to with kindness and the other one yelled at. The plant that was being yelled at died slowly whereas the plant being spoken to with love flourished. Here is some more information on why you should talk to your plants.

- My favorite glass spray bottles to water my indoor plants

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